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Cuetec Natural Cue 13-99450Cuetec Natural Cue 13-99450
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Cuetec Natural Cue 13-99450 Cuetec Natural Cue 13-99450
Our natural series provides designs appreciated by more traditional players.

Made of the highest quality ABS material for the ultimate transfer of energy from shaft to the cue tip while helping to control vibration and cue ball deflection.

The graphite core provides increased power allowing you to drive the ball harder and sharper for better draws and spins, while reducing cue ball deflection.
  • 15-1/2” Pro Taper prevents the shaft from climbing up your bridge and enables you to reach for longer shots
  • Tiger Everest 10 Layered Laminated Pigskin Tip MSRP $14.95
  • Polycarbonate ferrule
  • Exclusive Tru-Glide finish
Polished stainless steel joint with matching butt cap. Cuetec’s solid rubber bumper provides extra protection for your cue.

Veltex and Irish Linen Grips.

Cuetec's Acueweight system (patent pending) allows for a quick & easy weight adjustment and cue balance, 1/2 or 1 ounce increments provide you with the exact weight of your preference.
Orange County APA