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Thinking About Buying a Pool Table? Make Sure It's Slate

family funThe first billards game table was built sometime in the 1700s. The first pool room was built in England, in 1765. Back then, if you wanted a pool table, you probably had to get it made of wood. However, these days you can fit your recreation room with pool tables made from all kinds of materials. The most common of these is slate, and there is a very good reason for this.

Slate pool tables are used in nearly all pool table designs. Outdoor pool tables, pool hall tables, or just your simple family fun table in a rec room. The material has many benefits, including:

Consitently Straight Shots
A slate pool table can provide a very consistent shot quality. In a game of skill like billards, this is incredibly important for players. Even a minor shift in the table can mean the difference between a good shot and a poor one. That is the reason why most pool tables will be made of slate, and not wood or any other material.

Less Chance of Warping
Non-slate tables are very prone to issues caused by the environment and atmosphere around them. This includes warping. Wood is the most guilty of this, as dampness will cause the material to warp in either very low or high temperatures. They also have a tendency to warp very quickly. This can mean your table will be disfigured and unable to be reliably played on. This can hurt the consistency of shots, and force you to have to make costly repairs.

Quality Make
Slate pool tables are often very well made. They are extremely level and hard to damage, and thus can be used for years. They will allow you to play the very best that you can without outside interference. Poorly crafted pool tables are more likely to be made from other materials, and that can show when you attempt to make shots that are otherwise easy on a slate table.

If you're looking for great family fun on a good pool table, then you want to make sure you get the best quality. While they may be heavier and more expensive than a wood or a synthetically made material, slate pool tables are among the best that you can have. Make the investment that will last you decades, get a slate table.

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