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Company history

Saluc, headquartered in Callenelle in Belgium, is the world leading manufacturer of high-quality billiard balls under the worldwide premium brand ARAMITH®. Saluc company, employing more than 150 people, is known all over the world for its creativity, flexibility and pool technical know-how, developing a unique quality: the Know How to Entertain.


For over 85 years, Aramith has been creating & producing products that bring value to the end-user, value to the trade. Focused on leading quality products since our very start in 1923, we have continuously adapted products to the people’s changing lifestyles, and our willingness to listen, look, analyse and anticipate has allowed us to be trendsetting at many times. We don’t take success for granted as we feel customers are entitled to be utterly demanding. We trade in know-how to live, the art of sharing pleasure in the cosiness of one’s home, to the benefit of the family, the close friends and this across generations. The Fusion table introduces a totally new product concept into the dining room. A unique product that addresses the current need for people to get together again.



With its surprising Get2Gether concept the Fusion table adds multi-dimension to home entertainment. Rather than exterior signs of wealth, it adds to your home interior «Know-How» to entertain. At a time when most of us spend numerous hours isolated in front of PC’s, getting home and have fun with our friends brings back balance and meaning to our life.

We love being part of it, by «fusioning in» as your dining entertainment table. Our team enjoyed designing the Fusion table, we hope you will enjoy using it.


Danny K'sOrange County APA