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Brunswick vs Olhausen Pool Tables

Brunswick VS Olhausen: The main differences between premium pool table makers

Getting a new pool table sounds easy, right? But it actually isn’t, as details like size, materials, and whether it’s for home or commercial use, are important before the purchase. You also want to get the best quality for your money if you plan on using it regularly and getting all those benefits from playing pool.

The most famous pool tables are made by two main companies: Brunswick Billiards and Olhausen Billiards. The craftsmanship behind these companies is evident, and they provide lifetime warranties with every table sold. Brunswick and Olhausen both have stunning and high-quality products you can purchase, but even so, there are differences you should consider before picking one. Here we give you a breakdown of all the main differences you will encounter when buying a pool table from any of these companies and other important basic information. 

Grand Champion III Pool Table By Olhausen

Pool Table Sizes 

Brunswick and Olhausen have many types of billiards tables accessible to all their customers. Sizes of table can vary, but most common measures among both are: 

  • 7-foot pool tables 

  • 8-foot pool tables

  • 8.5-foot pool tables

  • 9-foot pool tables (most popular) 

Pool Table Features 

Features for Olhausen 


In general, Olhausen pool tables use more cloth from Hainsworth —a pool table cloth company from England—as well as a material called Accu-Fast that is 100% gum rubber cushions, also known as the best cushions in the billiards table world. 


You'll be happy to know that both companies have started to use premium wood to create their tables, although Olhausen uses wood from North America almost exclusively.

Features for Brunswick 


Brunswick tables are also starting to use AccuFast gum rubber cushions, but mostly Brunswick pool tables are made with their SuperSpeed cushions, which aren’t 100% rubber but are standard in the pool table industry. Want some premium choices?


Both companies have started to use premium wood to create their tables, although Olhausen uses wood from North America almost exclusively.


Another notable difference in appearance between Olhausen and Brunswick is the Knock Down cabinet, which the Brunswick billiards tables have, and the pre-built Uniliner framed cabinet you can find in a piece from Olhausen. The perfectly stable base frame from this company is also something almost impossible to beat, as not every company can manage to get such pre-assembled large pieces of furniture into the room. In the case of Brunswick, they build the best Knock Down cabinet in the whole industry. Olhausen, on the other hand, has a better “minimum cabinet deflection.” Even so, you can see these differences as a plus, because they will certainly not affect how a 6 oz billiards ball rolls. 

Commercial Tables

Gold Crown VI Pool Table By Brunswick

Commercial tables are also called competition tables, which are used in pool halls and have become more popular over time, to the point that they’re a company’s best seller. The most popular companies among this category of pool tables are Brunswick’s Centurion, Gold Crown V, and Metro, as they feature smart designs that are ideal for heavy usage. Olhausen’s version of commercial tables can be found in competition's locations all around the globe and are usually cheaper than those from other companies.

Home Use

Even though both companies happen to be well-known in the world of the commercial table, they’re also extremely popular when it comes to home use products, as they have a wide variety of styles that speaks to most consumers. Brunswick and Olhausen offer great designs in a fair price range, but they also have products that go beyond the $38,000—exclusive models— so they can please customers that are a bit more strict. Brunswick is known for its traditional and transitional series, as they are heavily popular and inexpensive; alternatively, Olhausen’s most popular tables are the ones from the Signature and Portland series. Are you seeking for exclusives only? Then consider going to Brunswick, as they offer a European line and select line you might want to check out, some of the top-of-the-line billiards tables are from Brunswick. 

Where are Brunswick and Olhausen billiards tables made?

Olhausen has their headquarters in Bristol, Wisconsin, but makes their billiard tables in a Portland, Tennessee facility in the US, mostly to prevent the process of warping wood during transportation overseas, and also to support American workers. Brunswick, on the contrary, doesn’t make all of its products in the United States.

Can you get these tables customized?

Brunswick and Olhausen billiards wouldn’t be renowned companies if they didn’t offer customization of their tables to their customers. It’s true that Olhausen has more pool tables or game options, but not as much to create a larger margin. Both companies will help you customize the table of your choice if you want to, without hesitation and with the best attitude! No worries about their work, as you will surely get everything you need no matter which company you choose.



1963 Brunswick Catalog from Pinterest

The legacy of Brunswick began with John Moses Brunswick, a young man that emigrated from Switzerland at the age of 14 to make a new life in the US. Brunswick —after moving to Cincinnati— was marveled at the sight of a refined billiards tables from John Thurston, a London manufacturer. Later in 1845, the J.M. Brunswick Manufacturing Company produced the first of many billiards tables after being a carriage manufacturer for a while. So, as far as legacy goes, Brunswick has the title of being the oldest and one of the most successful billiards company. A century of experience and positive reputation backs up Brunswick, which makes them a great choice when getting either your first pool table for your game room or a more exclusive piece. 


Olhausen is a company that’s been in business since 1973, which means that it is not as old as Brunswick, but is still a family-owned and operated business that’s worth the try!

It was in 1972 that Butch and Don Olhausen started their billiards company in San Diego, California by only moving pool tables, but soon after the Olhausen Billiards Manufacturing Inc. was opened. Nowadays, this reliable company is top-notch quality in accessories, showroom games, shuffleboards, pool tables and more. Olhausen sells around 30,000 billiards tables annually.

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