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Pool Cue Repair

Triangle Billiards Pool Cue Repair Service 

Pool Cue Services

Triangle Billiards has been in business since 1978, and now more than ever, our company offers you a wide variety of services, among which you can find our pool cue repair. Are you looking to give new life to your cues? You can trust us to do so since we understand that cues are a big investment for your home or property and we can help you protect them with our regular maintenance services. Our Triangle Billiards staff has workmanship that guarantees the careful inspection and repairing of all the cues you need to bring your billiard pool table back to life. 

Pool Cue Repair

A pool cue, or more likely, the tip of a pool cue, is where the “rubber meets the road,” and there are all types of them and made specific to each player’s style or method. We can help you pick the right one for you, or repair the one you already have. Having a clean, conditioned, and dent-free shaft is crucial to consistent play. Go for proper shaft care and maintenance so it can extend the life of your cue, and you can keep protecting your investment. No matter the issue you might have —warpage, dents, or a dirty and sticky cue—we got it all covered. We guarantee longevity and no more “pop-offs! moments.”

What you can expect from our professional cue repair 

Triangle Billiards offers custom cue and shaft repair as well as many cue customizations to fit your playing style. For many years, Triangle Billiards has led the industry with competitive prices and fast turn with each repair or customization. Call free today for a custom quote! We offer different services regarding pool tables, game rooms, and bar stools, such as:

About Cue Sticks Parts & Repairs

We have major brand name pool cues to choose from, such as McDermoth, Olhausen, Joss, Lucasi, Athena, Cuetec, and others, even officially-licensed pro sport team logo cues, so if you’re looking for quality cue stick parts, Triangle Billiards has you covered  We are the largest full-spectrum pool tables and game store in the 11 western states, so be sure that among our category of products you’ll find a great variety in:

  • Bumper Pool Supplies

  • Cone Chalk and Powder

  • Cue Chalk

  • Cue Racks

  • Cue Sticks

  • Cue Sticks Cases

  • Cue Stick Parts & Repairs

Tip replacement 

Pool Cue Tip Replacement

Sometimes all your pool table needs is a simple pool cue tip replacement. We have a list of cue tips from which you can choose, depending on the style of your pool table. Here are some of the products we offer:


  • Fibre backing pad (extends ferrule life)

  • Clear acrylic backing pad

  • Install tip provided by you

  • Elk Master-(s)

  • Le Pro-(mh to h)

  • Triangle-(mh to h)

  • Super Pro

  • Emerald (10 layers recycled pig leather splits; mh)

  • Ultraskin (10 layers of pigskin; vs, pro, m, h, hh)

  • Wizard (10 layers of pigskin; m & h)

  • White Diamond (phenolic break tip)

  • Sniper (laminated boars hide; mh)

  • Everest (10 layer select prime pigskin; mh)

  • Samsara break tip

  • Searing Precision! (10 layers of pigskin; s, m, h)

  • Kamui brown (10 layers of pigskin; ss, s, m, h)

  • Kamui black (10 layers of pigskin; ss, s, m, h)

  • Kamui brown clear (10 layers of pigskin; ss, s, m, h)

  • Kamui black clear (10 layers of pigskin; ss, s, m, h)

Shaft cleaning & dent removal

We can get that pool stick shaft back to its higher shine. Triangle Billiards experts can clean any part of a pool table, no matter the size, and even proceed with dent removal and replacing. Call us for a quality pool stick shaft cleaning service! 

  • Chemical Clean - Removes some chalk on surface only, won’t remove deep dents

  • Regular Clean - Removes most chalk and minor dents

  • Steam Clean - Steams out deeper dents followed by the “Regular Clean”

  • Shaft Freeze  - You'll have a finish that is smooth as silk/Must Leave Overnight

Ferrule replacement (standard tip & clean included)

  • Linen based phenolic – 1″ or 1¼

  • Micarta

  • Ivory – 1″

  • Ivory – 1¼”

Shaft tapering

Pool Cue Shaft Tapering

Shaft tapering means the shaft smoothly tapers from the fat end to the skinny end, like a cone, while Pro taper means the shaft is one constant diameter from the tip back —maybe 12"-14" or so— and then begins to cone toward the joint. Our team is qualified to do this for you, so if you want to get your shaft tapering game on point, then you may call us and let us do it for you. We promise only the best results. 

  • Standard (no ring, black or natural phenolic)

  • Standard (matching ring work)

  • Low Deflection (no ring, black or natural phenolic)

  • Low Deflection (matching ring work)

  • Fit after market shaft to your butt with standard ring work

  • Fit after market shaft to your butt with matching ring work

  • Reshape tip & polish ferrule

  • Shaft clean (shaft clean, remove nicks, reseal & polish)

  • Clean, press & polish wrap

  • Polish Butt

  • Reface joint of shaft/butt

  • Shaft tapering 1/4mm

  • Shaft tapering 1/2mm

  • Shaft tapering 3/4mm

  • Shaft tapering 1.0mm

  • Lengthen taper


Polishing can be something you could do by yourself, but if not done right or with quality products, then nothing guarantees you a successful result. Call us to give us the opportunity of polishing your pool balls; you won’t regret it, as we work with the best products and have the best technique to carry on with this process in the most suitable way for you and your pool table needs. We are able to re-polish the timber of your table. Our service in this area could be a touch-up. or a strip and re-polish to some parts, or to the entire body of the table.

Irish Linen Wraps

Genuine Irish Linen Wrap is an industry-standard and the most favorable product to assure consistency and strength when wrapping cue handles. Irish Linen Wrap is a top-quality European imported thread that we have available in a wide variety of colors, and we can install it for you.

Leather wraps

New Stacked Leather Wraps

This type of leather wrap has strips of leather installed around a cue in a way that is similar to a linen wrap. If done properly, it feels like solid leather, only that stacked leather wraps have more options in patterns/color combos. Stacked leather offers a nice level of grip as the leather finish encourages your hands to stick to it.

New Standard Leather Wraps

When it comes to standard leather pool, you are talking about a great choice that will help you have an awesome grip, even during the most tense of situations. A classic leather pool cue wrap is the most popular choice among amateurs and even professionals. Get yours with us and let us help you install it!

Irish linen wraps installation

Leather wraps installation

New linen wrap (1 to 2 weeks completion time)

New leather wrap (smooth or textured) 1 to 2 weeks completion time

Irish Linen Wrap (must leave for a few days)

New exotic leather wrap (1 to 2 weeks completion time


Stacked leather wrap (1 to 2 weeks completion time) 

Shaft Cleaning 

We care about shafts being as clean as possible, so your game can be spotless in looks and technique. We understand the importance of having the shaft in great conditions, this is why we offer several options to help you with this task: 

  • Chemical Clean (Removes chalk on surface only, won’t remove deep dents)

  • Regular Clean (Removes most chalk and minor dents

  • Steam Clean (Steams out deeper dents followed by the “Regular Clean”)

  • Shaft Freeze (You'll have a finish that is smooth as silk/Must Leave Overnight)

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