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Pool Table Repair

Triangle Billiards based out of Orange County, CA, puts all the effort into fixing your pool table. We carry dozens of replacement pool table parts, such as pool table pockets, cushions, gulleys, and shims. With us, you can find every piece you might be looking for, from pool table lights, ball racks, to brushes. We also provide regular maintenance to your pool table so it can stay functional and clean for a long time.  

Triangle Billiards has a team of skillful experts that are ready to give your pool table a tip-top service that will leave you extremely satisfied.

Pool Table Repair

Reliable Repair - All Services Included

Got a broken down pool table? Need some new parts to restore your table to its original beauty? Triangle Billiards has a reliable table repair service. There’s no problem we can’t fix, whether it’s adjusting your leveling so you can have a smooth play, or replacing any damaged or worn-out parts. Even if you’re looking for a full-on restoration, you can count on us.

Our services include:

  • Felt Replacement & Repair

  • Slate Replacement & Repair

  • Bumper Replacement

  • Pocket Replacement

  • Cloth Replacement/Recover

  • Cushion/Rubber Replacement

Benefits of Hiring Our Expert Repair Specialists

There are several reasons that it's in your best interest to hire professional table repair services. If you don’t have the proper tools to repair a pool table, you’re not only making it more difficult for you, but it can also increase the chances of you damaging your table. Too frequently, owners try to save a few bucks by repairing the table themselves and end up with a pool table that's not at 100% level of functionality and can't even play properly on it.

We offer a huge range of services that go from pool table installation to repair. Our specialists know the process from A to Z, so you can place your trust in them without a doubt.

Among our table repair specialists services we have:

  • New felt (cloth) installations
  • Clothe recovery
  • Bumper replacement
  • Retail displays
  • Tournament setups
  • Pocket repair and replacement

Other Services For Your Pool Table:

If you are looking for professional pool table repair services in Orange County and all of Southern California then call us at (714) 771-5380 for expert advice.

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