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Pool Table Cloth Facts

There are many types of pool table cloth from many different sources around the world.  Cloth types can be broke down in to two basic categories. There is standard of the industry cloth with a wool nylon blend. There  is also cloth that is considered high end tournament quality. The two most popular high end cloths are called Brunswick Centennial and Simonis.  See your Triangle Representative for more information on playing characteristics, wear life and prices.

It is very important that any installation of pool table cloth be checked for tightness after the job is complete. Triangle and any of its service crews around the world will pull the cloth very tightly. Pulling the cloth tightly insures the best possible play and wear.   To test the cloth tightness, simply rub your hand across the surface of the table. If cloth does not bunch up it is tight.

Triangle guarantees cloth to be tight before the crew leaves the job site.  Occasionally  cloth can come loose based on the following factors:

  1. Air conditioning
  2. Humidity
  3. Environmental changes
  4. Outside installations

Triangle is not responsible for cloth that loosens up because of the above factors.  Most of the time this is a self correcting situation. The cloth will usually go back to its original tight form when the temperature changes to a more agreeable cloth environment.

Quick Fix Solution To Tighten Cloth

If cloth does become loose, one solution is to spritz some water on the area that has become loose. Wait for it to dry or apply heat from a blow dryer. This corrects the situation most of the time.

Chargeable Solution To Tighten Cloth

If the cloth does not tighten back up on its own there will be a chargeable service to tighten the cloth.  Triangle will send two experienced service crew members back to the site (approximate cost is $125.00 depending on style of table and distance to the job site). At that time the pockets and top rails will come off.  The cloth is taken off to a point where the crew can pull the cloth tightly. Please note,  cloth may not go back on as cleanly as it did the first time. The Triangle crew will do its best  to give a perfect end result. Also, please check the cloth is pulled tightly as the same warranty applies.

As mentioned, Brunswick Centennial and Simonis are the two most popular pool table fabrics on the market. Both materials will play very well. Triangle has the express opinion that Brunswick Centennial is the best over –all choice for the following reasons.

  1. Play great right out of the box vs a break in period
  2. Is a heavier weight. This material will last longer than Simonis
  3. Is bathed in Teflon. Spills are easily blotted up
  4. Plays fast and accurate
  5. Cleaner installation. Shadow free vs lots of shadows on Simonis under the rails and around pocket openings
Danny K'sOrange County APA