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Things To Know About Pool Table Dimensions And Sizes Before Buying One

Pool tables have been, for decades, a great way of entertaining family and friends, and of course, the perfect excuse to enjoy a fun and calm evening. Having a pool table also means responsibility and care, and above all, a bit of general knowledge to choose the right one for your home, business, or any other recreational space. This is why you should consider several important aspects before choosing one. Will it comfortably fit the room? What size of cues should you get? Here we tell you all the basics you need to know about dimensions, sizes, and similar information before buying a pool table. 

Pool Table Measurements And Dimensions

Choosing a Pool Table Size

The first step before choosing a table size will be if there is adequate room for it, and to have space for the around sides of the table, so players can be able to shoot without worrying about bumping on the walls. You should also plan ahead a special place to store cues and balls, such as a cue rack or a cabinet. Make sure your room can hold a pool table in any of their sizes.

Pool Table Room Size

Not everything is about having a big room, as there are other elements that need their own space; but it is important to have a bigger room with a smaller table, than having a bigger table in a smaller room, which will certainly cramp your style. The safest option is to get a smaller table. 

If you’re wondering what pool table sizes fit your room, or want to get an estimate, check the next table down below, which shows you the minimum area required for each size table; but always remember that you need to have room for the table and for the cue length during play. 

Pool Table Room Size Formula 

Now that you know the first things to consider when getting a pool table for your room, then it’s time for you to know the basic formula for this, so it could be easier on the go. When picking a pool table, the pool room size has to be the length of the pool table plus 2 times the length of the cue, while the width of the pool table has to be plus 2 times the length of the cue. 

What’s the playfield? 

Another way pool table manufacturers have of classifying their tables is by “playfield” size, which means that’s the playfield size of the table, but from the inside tip of the cushion—also called nose—across to the other tip. 

This table will also help you ponder on sizes and possibilities:

Table Size

Room Size Required

(with 58" Cues)

Room Size Required

(with 52" Cues)

Room Size Required

(with 48" Cues)

7-Foot Table

3’ 5” x 7’

13’ 6" x 16’ 8"

13' x 16’ 2"

12’ 8" x 15’ 10"

8-Foot Table

4' x 8’

13’ 11" x 17' 4"

13’ 5” x 16' 10"

13’ 1" x 16' 6"

9-Foot Table

4’ 5” x 9’

14’ 6” x 18’ 4”

14’ x 17’ 10”

13’ 8” x 17’ 6”


Pool Table Size

What table size is right for my room?

Let’s imagine you have a room that is 16 feet 8 inches by 14 feet, which means it’s 200 inches long by 168 inches wide. The cue you want translates into 58 inches for each side, or 116 inches, now, 200 inches minus 116 cue inches equals 84 inches for the length of the table; the width of the room at 168 inches minus twice the cue length—116 inches— equals 52 inches allowed for the width of the pool table. 

The result is that your space can fit a pool table that’s 84 inches long and 52 inches wide’ for which we would recommend a standard pool table size—7 foot, 8 foot, 8 ½ foot, and 9 foot. The most suitable pool table size for those measures would be a 7-foot table if we consider you’re buying a standard 58” 2 piece cue. Otherwise, if you pick a shorter cue then you’ll have to use a smaller place. 

What’s the best table?

All tables we manage are of the highest quality, but there’s certainly a difference among them. Pool tables that are considered professional tables are those of eight-foot size and more, as the seven-foot tables are “bar” size. When having enough space in a large room, the larger size tables are best, because they provide a great playing experience; although a smaller table, as mentioned before, is the perfect match if you’re used to playing pool in a bar, and are looking for a similar experience at home. 

Now, in case you’re just curious and feel like developing your playing skills, and perhaps in a professional way, then get a nine-foot table, the most challenging to play on. Think about it this way: if you have already learned to play on a nine-foot pool table, then the other sizes will be no hard task for you. 

Check out this chart with some suggestions on room dimensions according to billiard tables standard sizes:

Table size

Min. Room Size

Playing Surface

3.5' x 7'

16' 8" x 13' 6"

39.5" x 79"

4' x 8'

17' 4" x 13' 11"

44" x 88"

4.25' x 8.5'

17' 9" x 14' 1"

46" x 92"

4.5' x 9'

18' 4" x 14' 6"

50" x 100”


What Size of Pool Table Is Used in Leagues and Tournaments?

One of the main questions we get asked most of the time is what is exactly the size of pool table used in bars/pool leagues?

This would be the seven-foot sized table, or at least in the UK, as it is the signature table, one that many pubs in the UK and the US purchase to entertain customers. However, sometimes, the leagues and tournaments in the UK might use an eight-foot sized pool table, only because it looks better on TV, but still, this happens rarely.  

On the other hand, the players of American pool always use the nine-foot size table, this is why the Mosconi Cup, and the World Cup of Pool always show these types of tables on their televised competitions.  

Traditional Pool/ Billiards Tables

If you are looking for a stunning, elegant, and traditional pool table, you can trust our catalog in 100% designed & handcrafted products. We can even customize your table for a better fitting, so it can perfectly blend with your room. At Triangle Billiards we have a vast range of sizes, inlays, wood species & proprietary hand-rubbed wood finishes, along with exotic matched veneers, which are the are the multi-colored pieces that outline the main points and start as flat layers of stained wood that are glued together and then cut. We have the best traditional and custom pool tables from all the famous brands to satisfy your vision. Trust our team of experts and designers. 

Modern Pool/Billiards Tables

Modern Pool Table And Accessories

Triangle Billiards is proud of having one of the top catalogs on contemporary/modern billiards tables available for you. We have tables made with the finest materials and amazing details. Solid hardwoods and solid stainless pool tables are just what your room might need if looking for a modern and aerodynamic approach. We are trained to satisfy what you have in mind regarding sizes, inlays, materials, and exotic touches you might want to add because we can customize the modern pool table of your choice. 

But That's Not All!

Yes, we may reign in the market with our top-notch quality products, that of course, not only does include pool tables, but also shuffleboards and game tables. We are going to make your playing experience an easier one by surprising you with our infinite list of game accessories: Lights, rails, darts, cases, balls, racks and more.

Among our catalog you’ll find: 

  • Cue Cases

  • Cue Racks

  • Cue Accessories

  • Cue Maintenance Products 

  • Billiard Balls

  • Triangles

  • Play Packages

  • Pool Table Conversion Tops

  • Pool Table Covers

  • Books and Videos

  • Shuffleboard Accessories

  • Brunswick Accessories 

  • Olhausen Accessories 

Look Forward to Fun!

Be all set with Triangle Billiards! We have your next reunion plan secured for success. Our pool tables, shuffleboards, and game tables come in many shapes and sizes from the most recognized brands in the billiards industry like Brunswick and Olhausen, so you will certainly find one that suits you and your way of having fun! Call us today and ask all the questions you need to be answered without feeling pressured to purchase anything, we will be glad to help you. 

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